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    Introduces what is the harm of snoring
    Update Time£º 2016-03-18   From£º   Reading Times£º2452 [êPé]]
    What is the harm of snoring simple introduction?Snoring is often in our daily life the somebody else is called snoring, very common, mainly happened in the male population.To snore a lot of people think that belongs to the normal phenomenon, without treatment, it's not like that, the following together to understand the dangers of snoring.
    The dangers of snoring:
    1, women, long-term snoring: snoring can lead to mouth breathing, breathing pause, lead to chronic hypoxia.Due to qi and blood circulation, the woman will appear sallow complexion, rough skin, fat fat, bad breath, mouth pain, menoxenia, even dysmenorrhea, etc;Due to the poor sleep quality, a woman will appear dark circles, puffiness, crow's feet, facial skin flabby, demoralised, such as more than performance.How such a woman, what kind of cosmetics, dressing can improve its aura, severe cases may even 3 to 15 years in advance into the menopause menopause.
    2, child snoring: long term always snoring children night sleep, because sleep often interrupt, is suppress wake up and cry.It is up to the child during the day and sleep at night is no spirit, embodied in inactive or overly active, refused to eat, don't have the patience and endurance to complete one thing, and so on.Over time, these will have a huge negative impact on children, including growth lag, height, weight, such as mental development is lower than the normal child of the same age.
    3, middle-aged men snore: not only hurt the body, and frustrating, and kidney damage.Also, snoring at night, and the people around me can't fall asleep, long term relationships is bad, a lot of close friends are not going back and forth.Again, who snored all night during the day to headache, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, forgetfulness, sexual dysfunction, kidney empty, decreased immunity, etc., many chronic diseases such as hypertension, vascular lesions and more "favor" of these people.
    4, the elderly snoring, snoring can let the body function decline of dementia symptoms coming ahead of time, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, arterial diseases of the elderly, the probability of accidents, such as sudden death probability will be multiplied, many people "sleepy", hope you value!
    Believe you should according to the contents of the introduction of the dangers of snoring what are the problems with the most detailed understanding and cognition.Sought treatment need small make up remind you snoring patients and family members are for severe snorers should be timely treatment.
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