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    Often have a headache can see otolaryngology
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    Xiao li is a optimistic guy, but since a month agoCatch a coldAfter became very upset.Because from the cold,Have a headacheWill linger.Cold after recovery, xiao li's are more heavy headache, every day from morning until afternoon, finally even need to eat every day painkillers can be kept on working.During this time xiao li went to the hospital to have seen neurology, ophthalmology, didn't find out the problem.Then someone suggested him to check the cause of otolaryngology.
    Do a detailed inspection in otolaryngology, and sinus CT examination.CTTest results showed that with xiao lisinusitis, including jaw sinusitis and ethmoid sinusitis, frontal sinusitis.After 1 month of therapy, xiao li's headaches disappear completely, and returned to normal work and life.Xiao li is very don't understand, why little sinusitis may cause severe headache so much?
    Complex nose source sex have a headache symptoms
    ¡¡¡¡Caused by nasal and sinus diseases such as xiao li headache called nasal source sex have a headache.Inflammation of the nasal cavity, nasal mucosaswelling, sinus openings vulnerable to congestion, poor ventilation, drainage, cause nasal obstructive headache, such as sinus openings long-standing obstruction, sinus cavity air is absorbed gradually, and finally form the vacuum, vacuum headache.Vacuum time is too long in the sinus, resulting in the mucosa hemal dilate, sinus cavity fluid is piling up, higher pressure, can appear serious tension headaches.
    ¡¡¡¡Nose deep source sex have a headache for more headaches, a dull pain or dull pain, can also be confined to the forehead, orbit and upper jaw, mostly on one side.Headache more time focused on during the day, the head increased venous pressure, such as blowing your nose, cough, bend forward, body vibration, suddenly shook his head and chest pressure increased, the headache obviously increase;Bed rest, use steam inhalation, intranasal application of vasoconstrictor, or with surface anesthesia drug anesthesia after nasal mucosa, headache reduce significantly.
    ¡¡¡¡Apart from the above characteristics, characteristics of headaches caused by various sinusitis is different.Maxillary sinusitisTrigger pain is cheek pain more, can be associated with the abovemolarNumb fullness sensation, general afternoon heavier.Sieve sinusitis sometimes for intraocular canthus and nasal root distention or pain, for behind the eye pain, sometimesremThe ball, or to the point at which the press eye pain worse.Frontal sinusitis is behind the eye, eye socket on the Angle and the forehead pain, and a regular attack, namely in the morning began shortly after the headache, increase gradually, the worst at noon, afternoon or at sunset gradually reduce, night completely go away.Sphenoid sinusitis for skull base or eyeball deep dull pain, general for the morning light, this afternoon.
    ¡¡¡¡Source of nasal headache diagnosis is not difficult
    ¡¡¡¡The causes of headache is very complex, but the cause of nasal source sex have a headache is not difficult to "pull".The following several kinds of diagnosis and differential method, can help you discover the nasal source sex have a headache.
    ¡¡¡¡First of all, after nasal source sex have a headache can be secondary to a cold, headache mostly accompanied by nasal symptoms, such as a stuffy nose, runny nose, etc.Second, the pain has a certain fixed position, timeliness and regularity.Third, the head is the headache worse increased venous pressure, rest, steam inhalation, vasoconstrictor after intranasal headache relief.Fourth, the nasal and sinus CT examination can be found most lesions.Have the symptoms of a chronic headache sufferers should consider the nasal source sex have a headache, in a timely manner to the otolaryngology seeing a doctor.
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