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    Ent comprehensive treatment station export to pay attention to
    Update Time 2016-03-18   From   Reading Times2429 [P]]
    Anhui xuancheng talk of medical instrument co., LTD here first ent what must pay attention to the comprehensive treatment of Taiwan export.
    Ent comprehensive treatment as a check on people therapy equipment, should pay attention to when export more.Ent medical equipment belongs to the comprehensive treatment is one of very sophisticated equipment, to the scene, after having seen the equipment and the design scheme.Anyhow is ent comprehensive treatment of packing, packing, fixed, in the process of transportation have to be careful again carefully.In general and ear comprehensive treatment station exit process mainly includes: quotation, order, payment, stock, packing, customs clearance formalities, shipping, transportation, insurance, bill of lading, settlement of exchange.At the same time have the related medical equipment products export sales.
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