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    Otolaryngology health knowledge: sore throat to eat what fruit?
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    Pear of 01.
    Folk wisdom "three fire a few apricot, eclipse pear is not" the proverb, that is good eating pears.The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pears have a thirst quenching, reduce phlegm and clear heat decrease internal heat, nourishing blood, runfei to dry, and other functions, the production of the most suitable for winter heating and patients with internal heat consumption.Especially for lung cough, infantile wind hot, dry throat, throat pain, dry stool sticking is more appropriate.Can also help digestion, promote appetite, and have good antipyretic diuresis action.Every day to eat one or two pears can effectively relieve dry in winter.
    Three fire a few apricot, eclipse pear is not
    02. Apple
    Apple, have oneself temper, nourishing the stomach Yin, thirst, the effect of runfei heart yue, known as patron saint of cardiovascular health.In addition to containing more carotene, vitamin B, and C, also contain more magnesium, can make the skin strong and handsome, ruddy, luster, also can remove facial chloasma, malar rash, etc.
    Eat more apple can improve the respiratory system and lung function.For a long time to sit before computer, should eat more apples, it can be combined with a radioactive element in the body, side by side in vitro, has the effect that reduce cancer incidence of preserve one's health.
    03. Kiwi
    Kiwi fruit is known as "the king of vitamin C", "the fruit king", its vitamin C content is extremely high.The fruit also contains serum promote, can help us to stable mood, calm mood;Rich in dietary fiber can promote heart health, help digestion.Kiwi fruit acid, gan cold, oneself also has run dry, the effect of antipyretic except vexed.
    04. Grapefruit
    Grapefruit is a typical southern fruit, with a slightly bitter in the sweet and sour, rich juice, contains a lot of vitamin C.Its natural pectin can lower cholesterol, and help the absorption of calcium, iron, and can and stomach hysteresis, thirst thirst.
    05. Hawthorn
    Dried crataegus pinnatifida hawthorn, that is, we often said.Hawthorn rich in flavonoids and plenty of vitamins, can effectively prevent the formation of free radicals, improve the body immunity.Hawthorn nucleotide lukewarm, appetizers xiaoshi, strengthen the digestive function of medicine.Often eat hawthorn, can live longer!
    06. Jujube
    Fresh jujube contains rich vitamin, especially large amounts of vitamin C, can promote excess cholesterol into bile acid in the body.In addition, big jujube flavour gan wen, or fill in yiqi, nourishing blood of nerves to taste!Jujube contains a lot of vitamin C, it is an effective antioxidant, can not only maintain the elasticity of the skin, also can inhibit and blocking the formation of melanin.
    07. Olive
    Some people say that football is fruit of paradise.Olive pulp is rich in calcium, fresh food is beneficial to human body.Olive flavor nucleotide, flat, can qingrejiedu, eliminating phlegm, moistening lung throat, is especially suitable for autumn and winter to eat.
    08. Persimmon
    ¡¡¡¡Their vitamins and sugar general fruit one to two times more.Can keep lung protecting stomach, remove dry fire, regular consumption can tonify deficiency, cough, bowel, in addition to hot.Hollow eat persimmon was susceptible to stomach persimmon stone disease, so it's best to eat after the meal, eat less as far as possible to brighten.
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