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    Age-related deafness treatment
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    The old man the deafness treatment, presbycusis refers to the age at or above the age of 65, hearing loss caused by aging auditory system.Main performance for hours can't hear voice, loudly and too noisy, can sometimes hear the sound of talking with people, but couldn't hear the speech.Some people with tinnitus.Hearing impairment is common in the elderly.These old people self-regulation ability is poor, the psychological state of feeling bad, are prone to depression.This suggests that the hearing impairment in the elderly is not completely belongs to "natural law", it may cause psychological trauma to the elderly, the lower the elderly to participate in social activism.So, age-related hearing impairment is a public health problem need to be taken seriously, should abandon "man old behind the ears, the old person is a natural law, not treatment" this conventional wisdom.Once found the old man hearing loss, family to encourage and accompany the old man to the hospital in time.Find out the reason, the active adoption of treatment and rehabilitation.Improve deafness, take appropriate intervention measures, to improve the occurrence of senile hearing impairment is effective.Preventive measures: to reduce environmental noise.;Rational diet, quit smoking avoid alcohol;Active treatment potential lesions in the body, such as dental caries, suppurative sinusitis, tonsillitis, etc;Avoid use of ototoxic drugs;Pay attention to mix a, insist on physical exercise;Avoid nervous and excited.The prevention of tonsils around the abscess
    1, strictly avoid seafood hair content, help the fire, wind, ShengTan, excitant food, should be in liquid or semi-liquid diet.
    2, try to silence.
    When 3, pain to can't afford, but acupuncture or pinch li4, alternating sides.
    4, serious prescription (spraying).
    5, cut or destroyed after 24 hours, should be reposes rest.Head down, when it is necessary to take the highs, facilitate the smooth drainage of pus.
    24 hours, close observation of the 6, wound or hemorrhage.Bleeding, if any, shall be handled in time to prevent massive bleeding.
    Line 7, inserted inside the wound medicine, pay attention to not fall off, fall off a plug new.
    8, if the mouth is not clean, can use gargle, frequently rinse your mouth.
    9, after wound healing, the best diet aquarium fish red in two weeks, otherwise the bad breath.
    10, always pay attention to maintain defecate unobstructed.
    Allergic rhinitis Allergic rhinitis is a common disease, the nose is also common allergic disease.
    ¡¡¡¡To people who are allergic rhinitis, allergic constitution after the sensitization allergen, produce a series of immune reaction, cause nasal mucosa edema, at the same time make the nasal mucosa in chronic inflammation state of illness.Divided into two major categories of seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis, the allergic rhinitis has the typical symptoms of 4 big, namely, nasal itching, sneezing, flow water nose, nasal congestion, can also be associated with the whole body discomfort, such as fatigue and heaviness in the head.The patient on the allergic rhinitis is not death, but dangerous, can affect the patient's work, study, sleep and entertainment, which leads to the decrease of the quality of life.If untreated or poorly treated some complications may occur, one of the most important and the most common is asthma, may also merge sinusitis, etc., if the merger of these diseases, the treatment of allergic rhinitis is more complicated and trouble.Allergic rhinitis can cure?The onset of allergic rhinitis depends on the patient's allergic constitution and the presence of allergens in the environment, both be short of one cannot.Allergic constitution is associated with genetic, from this point is difficult to effect a radical cure allergic rhinitis.But by avoiding the allergen exposure, right, the rules of the necessary medication and symptoms of desensitization therapy can achieve good control, without the disease, from this point for allergic rhinitis is a good therapeutic effect.To the majority of patients are particularly advised not to believe that "the slogan" and "small advertisement".No matter adopt what kind of drugs, including western medicine or Chinese medicine, are unlikely to achieve effect a radical cure rhinitis;Relief of symptoms at that time is not equal to cure, more cannot effect a radical cure.
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