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    Administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of publishing online purchasing
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    In recent years, with the maturity of e-commerce, Internet drug trade in our country is also developing rapidly.But the network in providing consumers with convenient at the same time, also give false medical information and JiaLie drugs provides a lot of the hidden space.Criminals make use of information network spreading false drugs, illegal sales JiaLie drugs, disturb the order of drug market, damage to people's vital interests.To this end, the state food and drug supervision and management of the administration several ministries, long-term operation against illegal medicine online, at the same time to consumers for the following prompt:

    1. Currently, approved by the agency legitimate online sales pharmaceutical drug retail enterprises have 184.Detailed list by the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau official website (www.cfda.gov.cnThe query "data query" section).

    2. Some sites published pharmaceutical advertising claim that medicine can cure some incurable diseases of secret, high-tech new drugs, cheap imported drugs, magical curative effect of medicine, or use the "problem", "good will" absolute language, such as sales of these so-called "panacea" website is probably illegal websites.Also some sites, propaganda sold drugs research and development or production units, and with international, the world title, manufacturers, institutions are mostly like this shell or shell companies.In this special remind consumers, see such propaganda on the Internet must be vigilant, the active check medicine site qualification and drug approval number, avoid being deceived.

    3. Sell drugs on the Internet of our country must have issued by the food and drug supervision departments the Internet drug trading services qualification.Where the individual consumer retail drug, first should be a solid pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises, conform to the regulations for examination and approval of self-built website.Get medicine qualification of enterprises on the Internet, should be on their website prominently marked qualification certificate number, for consumers to query verification.

    4. At present, online pharmacies sell over-the-counter medications (i.e., indicate the OTC medicines), but not selling "white and black", "purchase" this kind of compound preparations containing ephedrine class, more belong to online pharmacies banned the sale of prescription drugs.Other not medicine health food sales should conform to the relevant provisions, such as inflated claims shall be strictly prohibited.

    5. Online sales will ultimately delivered by man, the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau require suppliers should be a drugstore distribution team.Pharmacy staff door-to-door delivery, can also be face-to-face pharmaceutical care.Drug is a special commodity, storage transport has special requirements, the management level of the ordinary express company and conditions also short of drug delivery quality requirements, delivery drugs in transit risk is difficult to control, drug quality problems is difficult to define responsibility.

    6. When the public on the Internet to buy medicine if buy JiaLie drugs or illegal medicine web site, you can complain to the local food and drug regulatory reporting center 12331 report, also can call the Internet illegal information reporting center call 12377.In addition, you can log on to the website informs against a center to report it.

    7. The drug is a special commodity, all countries have strict management request for prescription drug sales, not in the local physicians prescription can't buy from formal channels.As a result, online claim that act as purchasing agency foreign cancer drugs prescription drugs, such as its purchase channels is very suspicious, drug quality of true and false, and there is no guarantee that the formal online pharmacies will not set up this business.According to local drug safety department always experiences made investigation cases, about 75% of online purchasing overseas alkylating proved to be counterfeit medicines, light bungle illness, or more damage.Therefore, online purchasing foreign drugs are not credible, not desirable.

    Tip: medicine that consumers buy on the net, can follow the following steps:
    (1) is verified medicine at the food and drug regulatory approval for the site.
    (2) active consultation.Online pharmacies are usually equipped with specialized consulting pharmacist, you can through online consulting professional pharmacists, detail situation, Suggestions about the drugstore.
    (3) distinguish the medicines and drugs, the owner recommended not familiar with the product, confirm whether there is a drug approval number.
    (4) don't buy prescription drugs on the Internet.Is prescription drugs must be used with a doctor's prescription and drugs, the general consumers or pharmacists are ill-equipped to judge the illness and the ability to prescription drugs and power.Even common ailment, or long-term use of drugs, often also need according to the disease by a doctor to decide whether to maintain or adjust the original drug use.
    (5) special circumstances should be timely medical treatment.For some much-needed drugs or uncertain physical discomfort, or more than 3 days or more unwell, suggest you to the hospital in time.Health medical complex, precious and cannot be from risk, delay the disease.
    ¡¡¡¡(6) pay attention to acceptance.First, take drugs have appearance without damage, the consumer must open package inspection face to face.Then see if the name of the product you order medicines, again to see if the product in the period of validity, the last in extremely cold or hot weather whether drug delivery conditions to ensure optimum temperature.

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